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Quick Charge 3.0 making headlines

Quick Charge 3.0 making headlines

Very positive response from the public announcement 

“Well,we’re sorry to say that we were wrong and you don’t actually need Quick Charge 2.0.No,instead,you need Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0.Thst’s right,Qualcomm has already outone it’s own brilliance with QC 2.0 and announced QC3.0.“ Droid Life

“Qualcomm’s new Quick Charge will take batteries from 0 to 80 percent in 35 minutes Quick Charge 3 is 38 percent more efficient than its predecessor,and will appear in mobile devices next year” Recombo

“Qualcomm Announces Quick Charge 3.0:Intelligent Voltage Control.” Anandtech

“Qualcomm’s”Snapdrgon 820 hype train is getting to be a bit much(just ship the thing,already!), but you might want to take notice of the latest news if you’re big on data speeds–or simply want to charge your phone in a hurry.” Engadget


How does QC3.0 work?

QC 2.0 offer four charging optionas,expanding from 5V to9,12 and 20V.QC 3.0 provides even more flexibility with 200mV steps from 5V to 20V,allowing the phone just enough input voltage to reach the desired charge current,thereby minimizing switching losses.


Comparing technologies

Quick Charge 2.0    → 4℃ to 6℃ cooler,16% faster,38% more efficient  →    Quick Charge 3.0

Parallel Charging with Quick Charge 2.0→  7℃ to 8℃ cooler,27% faster,45% more efficient     →    Parallel Charging+with Quick Charge 3.0


Benefits for OEMs and Operators

The highest efficiency available *Increase charge current,reduce throttling and improve skin temp.

Works with any connector *Enabled in today’s infrastructure and anything planned for the future.

Implemented with minimal changes to current designs  *The Lowest cost option for providing fast battery charging.

Robust handshaking on stable signal lines *Avoid noisy Vbus;ensure integrity and safely of the accessory,phone and user and no conflict with other methods.

Value added functionality *increased capability allows for higher prices and more margin.

Less time charging   *More time using,increasing revenue from data/phone usage.

Great consumer experience *Happy consumers are return customers.

Demonstrated technology leadership *Don’t fall behind while other carries and handsets are already implementing.


Quick Charge 3.0 implementation costs

* Fully integrated in certain Snapdragon chipsets-zero cost on mobile device

* AC/DC and DC/DC components used in traditional accessory solutions

* What little cost remains can be partially offset by efficiency improvements.

* Can coexist alongside USB-Power Delivery and Type-C,providing higher current charging at a fraction of the cost


How does QC3.0 work ?

QC 2.0 offers four charging options,expanding 5V to 9,12 and 20V.QC 3.0 prvides even more flexibility with 200mV steps from 5V to 20V,allowing the phone to request just enough input voltage to reach the desired charge current,thereby minimizing switching losses.

Post time: Jan-28-2021