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The analysis of power bank industry tendency

The rapid development of smart phones has driven various accessories industries, the most typical of which is power bank. Power bank as an emerging industry with rapid growth.

Every year, a large number of enterprises are eliminated, and many new enterprises enter the fight. Even Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu and other well-known enterprises can’t help but enter to the power bank market.

At present, there are more than 5000 manufacturers of power bank in China.

Weiyefeng, a well-known domestic power bank brand, is a brand new product among the old brands. With the rapid development of the whole industry, new technologies and old problems are emerging alternately,But the development trend of the whole power bank industry is still upward.

Trend one

Fast charging technology is popular and blooming

Despite the continuous development of smart phones, there is no breakthrough in the battery technology of mobile phones, so manufacturers generally try to use fast charging technology to alleviate the problem of mobile phone battery life.

This kind of fast charging technology is not only used in smart phones, but also in power bank products.

At present, the mainstream fast charging technology is divided into two solutions: high-voltage fast charging and low-voltage fast charging. The former uses Qualcomm quick charge 1.0-3.0 fast charging technology and MTK pump express / MTK pump express plus.

Represented by fast charging technology

The latter is represented by oppo flash charging technology and has distinct characteristics.

These three mainstream fast charging technologies all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Not any technology has absolute speech rights. I believe that in the future, the mainstream fast charging technologies will become more mature and present a situation of blooming flowers,

In the future, fast charging is expected to become the standard configuration of power bank and continuously improve the user experience.

Trend Two

Security protection upgrade: chip cell, double upgrade

You may have seen the information that the power bank smokes or even explodes in the news, and its security has been questioned by people. However, with the continuous maturity of the power bank technology, the security of the product will also be improved.

In fact, the power bank is mainly composed of cell, circuit board and shell. A qualified circuit board can ensure the safety of the power bank and make the power supply give full play to the maximum performance in the case of daily use and accidents.

At present, power bank manufacturers have developed a new generation of chip circuits, with timely Flame-retardant protection settings, which can avoid the expansion of harm in case of accidents.

Another potential safety hazard is the cell inside the power bank. As lithium is an active chemical element, it is easy to burn. When the battery is discharged and charged, the temperature inside the battery will continue to rise, and the gas generated in the spark process will expand,

When the internal pressure of the battery increases, the pressure reaches a certain level. If the shell is scarred, it will break, causing leakage, fire and even explosion.

However, with the popularity of lithium polymer batteries, the safety of power bank will be effectively improved.

Polymer batteries have great advantages in safety. The outer packaging is aluminum plastic packaging, which is different from the metal shell of liquid lithium batteries. The internal quality hidden trouble can be immediately displayed through the deformation of the outer packaging,

Once there is a potential safety hazard, it will not explode, it will only inflate.

In fact, these charging safety technologies have been developed and implemented, and the manufacturers of power bank will follow up. It is believed that the new generation of chip circuits and lithium polymer batteries will be popularized in a large area and become the development trend of power bank in the future.

Trend Three

New protocol and new potential: USB PD + type C

First of all, let’s popularize these two charging protocols, USB PD charging protocol, which is called “USB power delivery specification”,

According to the power supply, the specifications of 10W, 18W, 36W, 60W and 100W are set. PD is not only a powerful two-way charging technology,

That is to say, two computers can charge each other with USB connection!

Type-C is a kind of connection interface of USB interface, which can be inserted regardless of the front and back sides. The number of electric shocks of type-C interface is several times that of micro USB interface, which greatly enhances the current intensity it can withstand;

At the same time, type-C adds the step of mutual identification, which can be defined as charger or receiving device. In other words, USB type C naturally supports fast charging,

Under the same current, the loss of USB type C will be smaller, and it can support bidirectional charging.

Post time: Jan-28-2021